torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Ren og pen/nice and clean

riktig fin er Monolitten blitt etter å blitt vasket, og sannelig er ikke måkene på plass igjen for å skite ned statuen

after being washed, the Monolith is really fine, and of course the seagulls are there to shit down the sculpture again

2 kommentarer:

limpingalong sa...

What does the monolith commerate?

arne sa...

The monolith is a part of Vigeland Sculpture Park, one of more than 200 sculptures. It is situated on the highest point in the park and is 17 metres high. It is made of one stone (granite) and consists of 121 human figures, of all ages. It can be seen as a symbol of human solidarity.

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